Cycling around Siquijor

Island (23 & 24 May 2000)

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Siquijor Island lies about 25 km east of southern Negros and is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines.  On the suggestion of one of the yachties, Riza, we did a mountain bike trip around the island.  Riza, Sandy (Force 8), Marion (Tenacity II), Sandy (Valhalla) and Terry (Valhalla) did an early morning jeepney ride (with the bikes rattling around on top) to Dumaguete, Negros, and caught the 0830 fast ferry to Siquijor, Siquijor.  Arriving a little before 0930, Sandy (Force 8) went off exploring via jeepney and the rest of us hit the trail from Siquijor City directly south to San Juan, avoiding a longer ride past the airport in favor of a bit of hills ... something of a precursor of things to come.

Soon after departing, Riza developed a flat tire which couldn't be fixed until we got to San Juan ... in the middle of a downpour ... which we sheltered for about 30 minutes before finding a vulcanizing shop.




As we continued to Lazi Bay on the southern side of the island we had the longest hills to pull which sometimes took the lowest gears we have on the bikes.  At Lazi we had an excellent lunch and learned that Sandy (Force 8) has just left the same place (we saw her going the other way on a jeepney).  Not too surprising since it seemed to be the ONLY place open in town for lunch!  At this point Marion (Tenacity II) decided she had enough biking and caught a jeepney back to Larena and a ferry to Dumaguete then on home.

Riza, Sandy and Terry continued up the east coast to the town of Sandugan where we found the Kiwi Dive Resort and decided to go no further than the 50 kilometers we had pedalled that day.  Riza had to get back to Dumaguete so she left us to our own devices and headed off for a late ferry back to Dumaguete.  This beautiful little resort, with a cabin and bar on the beach, caught our fancy.  We highly recommend it (they will have a website soon and we will put it here when it's done).  A swim, sunset drinks, excellent dinner and good night's sleep had us ready for the remaining 20 kilometers of the trip.  That section, however, became a mud bath for about 8 kilometers thanks to a heavy morning rain.  After washing the bikes in a puddle at the wharf in Siquijor City, we took the late morning ferry back to Dumaguete.


     Loading the bikes on the ferry                          Smiling faces .... for now!

    All set to hit the trail                                                           Riza has a flat tire

     Finding two holes ..                                               Watching the vulcanizer at work

      High technology vulcanizing                                  Lunch at Lazi Bay

     Gloria .. owner of the lunch stop restaurant              Kiwi Dive Resort Bar

      Kiwi Dive Resort ... our cabin                                Muddy trip the next day

      More of the same .. but STILL smiling!  :-)