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From July 2002 through May 2003, VALHALLA was berthed at Pinoy Boat Services located in the 'Drydock' area between Danao and Carmen, Cebu Island, Philippines.  The boatyard is located within Port Carmen as shown below and is an excellent place to have minor or major repairs completed.  It's convenient for access to Cebu City (1 hr bus ride) where just about anything can be obtained.  Propane is available locally (Lilia's Store, 'Drydock City' - they will get your tank filled) and fuel in Danao or Carmen.  Danao has a large department store and supermarket and good local market.  Carmen has the best Internet Cafes in the area and small local market.

Anchoring is available in Port Carmen, northwest of the entrance.



A visual range to enter Port Carmen is shown in this photo. On a course of approx 300 degrees Magnetic, align the power tower on the hill behind the town with the left visible edge of the roof (the basketball court near City Hall).

The  projects ....

In addition to completing construction of the nesting dinghy, GECKO, the following projects were completed during this refit.

1.  Drive train. A Yanmar 3GM30F was installed, replacing the former Yanmar 2GM20F.  Some improvements included double pulleys to drive the Balmar alternator, an electric oil removal pump,  sound proofing insulation, flexible engine/shaft coupling, and an Autostream feathering propellor.



The size of the prop required cutting away the leading edge of the rudder to provide clearance for the prop to change pitch between forward and reverse.

2.  Forward looking sonar.  An Interphase Probe  was installed with the transducer fitted as shown.


3.  Painting.  The cabintop and decks were repainted.


4. Canvas.  New 'canvas' made from heat-welded viny replaced the awnings, lifeline dodgers, wheel cover, dodger, liferaft cover and jerry jug covers.


5.  Stanchions and pushpit.  The stanchion bases were reworked to increase the base thickness and a new pushpit fabricated, with the pipe junctions rechromed.

6.  Anchors.  The three anchors (Danforth, Bruce and CQR) were galvanized (in Manila) and painted.

7. Refrigeration.  The 14 year old, Adler Barbour Cold Machine decided to pack it in so was replaced with a new unit.

8.  Miscellaneous.  New cockpit cushions, carpet, teak refinishing, extensive rewiring and new small outboard completed the job.

8.  The 'crew'.  This is the staff at Pinoy Boat Services who did a tremendous job assisting in this refit.  The owner, Zeke Stefanski, and his wife Roxane are on the left front row.



At anchor in Port Carmen getting ready to have FUN !!