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This page is devoted to the interior modifications that have been made to VALHALLA for comfort and storage improvements.




 Looking forward on the starboard side.  The starboard settee berth has been eliminated by building a  seat with the back moved inboard.  The purpose is to provide comfortable seating for two people and more storage space behind the seat back. The storage underneath the seat has been retained.  The open bookshelves have been covered with doors made of teak frames and caning, again increasing the stowage space.  An audio CD storage cabinet holds 180 CDs in Kenwood cassettes. 












Further aft on the starboard side.  A sit-down navigation and communication station has been built by moving the bulkhead forward and using the forward end of the pilot berth for the seat.




Looking forward on the port side.  A storage cabinet fills the space not used for a table seat.  This cabinet has a 'vanity' drawer for the first mate and space for the sewing machine and accessories.  Storage areas similar to the starboard side are behind the seat.  The flat screen TV is driven by a processor and DVD/VCD player in the nearby storage area.












A wet gear locker has been fabricated from the notched area of the vee berth (shown on the right below), which originally gave space for the second door to the head to be opened privately into the vee berth area.  That door has been replaced with a bulkhead (which also provides a secure mounting for the water maker inside the head) shown on the left below.  The Alpenglow light gives good illumination into the clothes locker directly across from it.  At the base of the wet gear locker is the 'stool box', combination stool and tool box for often used tools.  It's a good assist in climbing in and out of the vee berth.





The galley was rebuilt along the original lines with Avonite countertops.  The lid for the fridge was made with a cutting board top and a wooden cutting board fits over the sink for a larger cutting surface.  The sink is one half of a commercial double sink, with the water line just a few inches below it.  The incandescent light over the galley has been replaced with an Alpenglow dual white and red light.

The knee switch beneath the handle on the sink door controls a Whale in line pump for salt water, with the hand pump also available.  A Whale galley foot pump supplies fresh water to the spigot on the left.


The safety rail in front of the stove is made from railing hardware and SS tubing.









Additional storage locations were made behind and under the stove/oven as shown below.


For added security while underway three handholds were installed on the overhead, through bolted with teak spacers to the top of the cabin.