World Odyssey 2001     

During 2001 we did an around-the-world trip via the 'kerosene canary'.   We visited places we have longed to see but knew we would never get there on the boat.  It was a chance to renew acquaintances with friends, for Sandy to meet the remaining three of Terry's four sons, and for us to explore and learn.  VALHALLA was left on her mooring with a shade-cloth 'cocoon' to protect her from the guana.

Our around-the-world tickets were with the One World consortium (the Star Alliance wasn't readily available through our agent).  With changes necessitated by the September 11 attacks our itinerary was changed to eliminate Egypt, Jordan, Israel and India.  The countries we visited are shown below.  We flew over 31,000 miles, drove about 9,000 miles in a motor home or on motorbikes, and rode another 3,000 miles on buses, trains or horses.  We didn't keep track of how far we walked but someday may go back and figure this one out!

The airlines we flew were:  Qantas, Lan Chile, Varig, Lan Peru, British Airways, US Air Force, and Cathay Pacific.  Lan Chile was our favorite.    The most disappointing was our three initial flights on Qantas ... reminded us of the Aussie quip that their name stands for "Queer And Nasty Try Another Service".  Sandy's bon mot about Qantas is that it is probably the safest airline to fly these days since even terrorists wouldn't fly it because of the shoddy service.  :-)

Country Summaries

Follow the links below for a summary of our adventures.
AUSTRALIA 9 Jan to 24 Jan
NEW ZEALAND 24 Jan to 16 Feb
ARGENTINA 16 Feb to 21 Feb
BRAZIL 21 Feb to 8 Mar
PERU 9 Mar to 3 May
USA 3 May to 20 August
GERMANY 21 August to 24 August
SICILY 24 August to 1 September
SPAIN 1 September to 17 September
THAILAND 17 September to 11 October/18-23 Oct
CAMBODIA 12 October to 17 October
MALAYSIA 24 October to 1 November