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(Updated 1 Jul 13))

A new feature at the JTWC website is the addition of a KML link for Google Earth to display the forecast track of a storm as a graphic overlay on the GE display.

As previously the selection of a graphic is available by clicking on the 'TC Warning Graphic' link.

This brings up the traditional image.

The newly added feature is to a download link for a KML file that can be used on Google Earth.

  Click on this link to download the KML file.

A download page appears.  Elect to save the file. (It's really a .kmz file!)         Navigate to where it has been saved and left double-click on the file.


This brings up a Google Earth display of the same storm track on Google Earth.

When done, exit the program.                At the next screen elect to save or discard the KMZ file in the 'Temporary Places' folder of GE