TERRY’S TOPICS #82:  RECAP AS OF 5 August 2017   

New or revised topics since 17 July 2017 recap are shown in GREEN.    Use CTL-Click to follow the links while online.

ANCHORAGES:  These anchorage locations are best displayed in the OpenCPN navigation program.  Remember that if you right-click on an anchorage symbol and select ‘Properties’ there is often more information about this anchorage.  Also remember that if you place the anchorage .gpx file in the OpenCPN ‘Layers’ folder you can selectively display the list of anchorages in the Waypoints tab and/or turn on or off their display on the screen.

Helen Reef Anchorage:         Download from MediaFire

IndonesianAnchoragesV12:    Download from MediaFire       NOTE: 1) Revised to include SCUBA diving locations from SV DELOS.  2) Previously revised to include the guide “101 Anchorages Within the Indonesian Archipelago”.  Use the Route Manager In OpenCPN to select these anchorages.  If you download the guide in .pdf format, put it under the C:/ drive in your computer, then for each of the 101 anchorages if you right click on the anchorage symbol and select ‘Properties’ a window will appear with a link “Indonesia – 101 Anchorage’s Description”.  Click on this link and it will open in your internet browser (no need to be online) the appropriate page in the guide for that anchorage.

            SV DELOS RAJA AMPAT INFORMATION:   Anchoring Guide      Dive Log         NOTE: Download from the web

Malaysia Anchorages Rev4:       Download from MediaFire     NOTE: Companion charts are included with the Malaysian GE2KAP Overlay Charts Rev9.  This update is to be consistent with the updated OpenCPN program v.4.6.22 which changed the waypoint icons.  Also, additional waypoints have been added based on the Sail Malaysia cruising guide.  Cruising Guides: There are now two guides applicable to the Malaysian anchorages.  1) The Sunsail Kradan to Langkawi Cruising Guide Download this guide (in .pdf format)   2)  The Sail Malaysia Cruising Guide   Download this guide (in .pdf format)   Place both downloaded guides under the C: drive.  Do not change any guide name.  For any of the anchorages that begin with TH- or with SM-,  right-click on the anchorage symbol and select ‘Properties’.  Scroll down to find a link, which opens in your browser (offline) to display a description of that anchorage from the appropriate guide.

Palau Anchorages Rev2:                     Download from MediaFire

Palau Dive Anchorages:                       Download from MediaFire

Papua New Guinea Anchorages:    Download from MediaFire                          

Philippine Anchorages V15:        Download from MediaFire          NOTE: Now includes current information and reported typhoon anchorages.  Companion charts are included with the Philippine GE2KAP Overlay Charts Rev38.

Philippine SCUBA Sites:             Download from MediaFire          NOTE:  SCUBA sites submitted by cruisers.  Initial collection courtesy of SV SLOEPMOUCHE.

Thailand Anchorages Rev2:         Download from MediaFire        NOTE: Companion charts are included with the Thailand GE2KAP Overlay Charts Rev4The anchorages that have been added are from three Sunsail Cruising guides:

1)     The Sunsail Kradan to Langkawi Cruising Guide.            Download this guide  (if you did not download it from above for the Malaysian anchorages.)

2)    The Sunsail Phuket to Ko Muk Cruising Guide.                Download this guide

3)    The Sunsail Similan and Surin Islands Cruising Guide.   Download this guide

Place the three cdownloaded guides (in .pdf format) under the C: drive.  For any of the anchorages that begin with TH-, right-click on the anchorage symbol and select ‘Properties’.  Scroll down to find a link, which opens in your browser (offline) to display a description of that anchorage from the appropriate guide.



The May 2007 version of the cm93 vector charts are available for download from the web in either the full (80N to 80S) or a small (40N to 40S) version.



Using cm93 Offsets Rev1:       Download from MediaFire

Palau cm93 offsets:       Download from MediaFire



GE2KAP version     Download from web here     NOTE: This new version of GE2KAP has revised tutorials available in the Help file (press F1).  It retains the built-in Step by Step Procedures for new users which can also be heard using an option to turn on Windows Narration.  You can also get the new program by clicking  on  "Check for Updates" on the OPTIONS panel of an older version.

Create GE2KAP Overlay (Rev 12)      Download from MediaFire        NOTE:  My Powerpoint presentation on using this program.  Not updated to include features of the latest program version.

GE2KAP2SASP     Download from MediaFire          NOTE:  My procedure for getting to the location on SAS Planet where you want to make charts using GE2KAP.

A detailed discussion of “Creating KAP files from GE” by SV OCELOT is here on the web .


GE2KAP OVERLAY CHARTS       (These charts are best displayed in the OpenCPN navigation program available below.)

Helen Reef Rev1         Download from MediaFire   

Indonesia Rev10         Download from MediaFire    

Malaysia Rev9             Download from MediaFire     NOTE:  Adds new companion .kap charts to correspond with Malaysian Anchorages Rev4.

Palau Rev3                   Download from MediaFire         

Papua New Guinea     Download from MediaFire

Philippines Rev38       Download from MediaFire       NOTE:  Adds new .kap charts to correspond with Philippine Anchorages V15.

Philippine Shoreline Charts           NOTE:  Charts that cover the shorelines of major and outlier islands in the Philippines.  Useful for planning purposes and/or to find a sheltered cove not previously reported.  The entire collection is large, over 4GB.  I recommend placing all in a Chart Group for easy display when wanted, lack of clutter and slowing down the OpenCPN Program.

          Antique Shoreline              Download from MediaFire         19.4 MB

Bohol Shoreline Rev1        Download from MediaFire         69 MB    

Cebu Shoreline Rev1         Download from MediaFire         84.2 MB

Dinegat Shoreline              Download from MediaFire         26.6 MB

Leyte Shoreline                 Download from MediaFire         99.9 MB

Luzon Shorelines

Luzon East                       Download from MediaFire         45.6 MB

Luzon North                     Download from MediaFire         110 MB

Luzon NorthEast               Download from MediaFire         155 MB

Luzon NorthNorthEast       Download from MediaFire         94.1 MB

Luzon South                     Download from MediaFire         110 MB

Luzon West                     Download from MediaFire         58.4 MB

Marinduque Shoreline        Download from MediaFire         26.6 MB

Masbate Shoreline            Download from MediaFire         79.6 MB

Mindanao Shoreline           Download from MediaFire         304 MB

Mindoro Shoreline             Download from MediaFire         135 MB

Negros Shoreline               Download from MediaFire         84.8 MB

Palawan Shorelines

Palawan NE Shoreline Rev1         Download from MediaFire         218 MB

Palawan SE Shoreline Rev1         Download from MediaFire         43.4 MB

Palawan W Shoreline                   Download from MediaFire         82.4 MB

Panay Shoreline                Download from MediaFire         119 MB

Romblon Shoreline Rev 1            Download from MediaFire         44.4 MB

Samar Shoreline               Download from MediaFire         125 MB

Siragao Shoreline              Download from MediaFire         15.7 MB              

Thailand Rev4           Download from MediaFire         NOTE:  Adds new companion .kap charts to Thailand Anchorages Rev2.



Dengue Fever Guidelines      Download from MediaFire       NOTE:  Find the correct treatment for this sometimes fatal disease

Desktop Clock     Download from MediaFire    NOTE:  For either 32 or 64 bit Windows OS.  Places clock anywhere you choose on the screen.  Download includes my recommended settings for use with the OpenCPN program.

.gpxEditor 1.06.12     Download from MediaFire      NOTE:  New version of this handy program for manipulating .gpx files such as tracks, routes, waypoints, etc.

Philippine Power Cables Rev5        Download from MediaFire        NOTE:  Rev5 adds a power cable over the San Juanico Strait.  Displays fourteen locations where power cables are known to exist.  In OpenCPN import this .gpx file using the Route Manager or alternatively place in the Layers folder.  When this link is followed click the ‘Download’ button and ignore the html if it is displayed).

Red Arrow Pointer   Download from MediaFire   NOTE: Replace that hard-to-see mouse pointer with a ‘senior citizen’ one!   After download move to C:\Windows/Cursors.  Go to the Control Panel and change how the mouse pointer looks.

Weather and Current Information for Cruisers    Download from MediaFire       NOTE: New link for same document to avoid download problems related to characters in the name.

zyGrib Program  Download from web hereLatest version 7.0.0 (2015-01-18)  NOTE:  Excellent program for downloading GRIB files from the internet.)



OpenCPN 4.6.1     Download from web here     NOTE:  The latest stable version released 14 March 2017.

OpenCPN 4.6.22   Download from web here      NOTE:  This is a beta release which will be replaced by a new stable version soon.  If you want to view the new anchorage waypoint icons (for Malaysia and Philippines above) then this version is required.

OpenCPN for Android  Purchase from Google Play store   NOTE; Latest version is 1.0.14 released July 23, 2017

Droid Fonts    Download from MediaFire       NOTE:  A modern typeface specifically designed for good readability for small sized computer screens.  Install under ‘Options/User Interface/Fonts/Chart Texts’ in OpenCPN

Exploring OpenCPN V1.4          Download from MediaFire     NOTE:  My briefing presentation on this subject.

Exploring OpenCPN for Android Rev2(11Nov15)      Download from MediaFire       NOTE:  My briefing presentation on this subject.

How to Configure a Portable OpenCPN Rev1    Download from MediaFire     NOTE:  A description of the procedure to place a portable version of the OpenCPN program on a memory stick, complete with charts, anchorages, routes, etc..  Includes the procedure for connecting a GPS for either stand-alone or split-screen viewing with the host computer’s OpenCPN.

Maximize the OpenCPN Display    Download from MediaFire      NOTE:  A description of the procedure to give the maximum screen display when using OpenCPN.  Especially useful when using netbooks and devices with limited screen sizes.



Palau Routes:       Download from MediaFire

Philippine Harbor Entrances Rev4     Download from MediaFire     NOTE:  A collection of routes to enter 1)  Bolinao (Lingayan Gulf)(Luzon)  2) Subic Bay Yacht Club (Luzon).  3) Puerto Galers (Mindanao)  4) Port Caltom (Busuanga)  5) Illutuc Bay (Busuanga)  6) Pinoy Boat Services (Danao, Cebu Island)  7) Port Bonbonon (Negros)  8) Puerto Princessa (Palawan)  9) Port Tagbilaren (Bohol)  10) Port Patuco  11) Coron Harbor 12) Campomanes Bay and 13) Perth Paradise Lagoon Bay/Sipalay. In OpenCPN import the contents of the folder using the Route Manager or alternatively place the .gpx file in the Layers folder. 


SAILING DIRECTIONS SE ASIA:         NOTE: NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) publications.

SailingDirectionsSEAsia.zip     Download from MediaFire



SAS Planet Program   Download from MediaFire      NOTE: New version 160707.  The display of Navionics charts has been restored in this version.  The download includes the program ready to run with GE2KAP and instructions for installation.


WxTIDE PROGRAM:  Download from MediaFire    NOTE: The download includes the program ready to run and a tutorial on recommended settings.