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If, during your use of the MaxSea program things aren’t working like they should (e.g. you double clicked on a route without launching the MaxSea program) you can usually/normally/often recover by closing the program completely, hold down the CTL key and launch the program.  This brings up the following screen:  (You might have to do this several times if you don’t get this screen)



Click OK and the program will start and begin a search for charts.  When done you will have something like this:



Select the line CM93ed2 and click OK.  Note that the program has, in addition,  found the Vector / S57 charts which are also installed in this case.  If you want to also view these charts within the MaxSea program do another search (File/Open Chart) and select the line Vector / S57.  When MaxSea is running you can switch between the charts (Click on ‘Windows’ and select the desired chart version).



This reset will also restore the Planning Route Center (when a planning route is displayed) to the original format with many useless columns.



The unwanted columns are deleted by right-clicking on a column heading and selecting 'Hide This Column'



The columns I find the most useful are the following (after deleting 23 unwanted ones):