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GE2KAP versions 9.3.7 and later have simplified this procedure!!

A synopsis of the procedure is:

If you use GE2KAP to overlay an OpenCPN CM93 chart onto GE and they do not line up, move the overlay image using the crosshairs then create the chart. GE2KAP will tell you in the message display what the X/Y values to use to correct the CM93 chart.

To correct the CM93 chart in OpenCPN:

- turn off quilting (F9) then right clicck on the CM93 chart and select "CM93 Offset Dialog"
- Select the cell then on the right enteer the X/Y values reported by GEKAP.
- Press OK

In the future I will describe this procedure with illustrations ... sorry but no time for that now.

My offsets using a less precise procedure are available for download here.  Again, as time permits I will update this section as well.

Terry ... 9 Jun 12