Installation of NavMonPC between USB GPS and OpenCPN        Back to Navigation

Download the NavMonPC installation program from here then return to this page.

Install the program by double-left clicking on the downloaded file.  Be sure to install the Franson Serial Tools program before finishing.  DO NOT run the program after installation..

Connect the GPS and wait for it to blink showing a position has been received.

Launch the NavMonPC program.  Go to File/Connections/ and click on 'Serial Port A'

Click on the elevator beside 'Port # (Closed)'


Change the Port # to 'COM1', check the boxes 'AutoStart', 'Reconnect' and 'Connect'.  Click on 'Done'.

The screen should appear as below with the GPS Source and Status boxes in green (Primary and OK).

Go to File/Connections/ and click on 'Virtual Ports A,B,C'

In the window select 'COM2'

Ensure the box 'AutoStart' is checked then click on 'Done'

Minimize the NavMonPC program

Launch the OpenCPN program.  The message box reports it cannot open COM1 (we have used COM1 for the NavMonPC program and it is running).  Click on 'OK'.

Go to 'Toolbox'/GPS and in the box 'NMEA Data Source' use the elevator to select COM2 (this is the virtual port created by NavMonPC).

Click on 'OK'

The OpenCPN screen shows the boat position in red and green bars in the GPS window.

Note that I have used COM1 and COM2 in this example.  Yours may be different at your discretion.  Also note that the NavMonPC program can create up to 6 virtual com ports.  You can create them at your will and use the virtual port to send data to other programs requiring a GPS position.