NAVIGATOR for Sea and Land   (Terry's latest project)

This is the wallpaper on the NAVIGATOR, a compact and complete computer navigation system for use in vessels at sea and vehicles on land.

This system is the result of my experience using electronic navigation programs and computers over the past 15 years.  Can you trust electronic navigation?  Thatís a personal choice based on your experience with the programs, the accuracy of the charts and the comfort level you have.  It was in 2006 that I gave away a one foot stack of paper charts, keeping a small number of large scale regional charts as the last ditch backup.  I am reminded of a question that Stan Honey (famous international racing boat navigator) was asked about using electronic charting Ö his reply was that you should remember when you switched from a sextant to a GPS? Then how many sights have you taken since then?  Once youíve been there you donít want to go back.

I've begun a small business adventure assembling the NAVIGATOR and selling for a reasonable price.

The NAVIGATOR includes all new hardware; computer (netbook), USB GPS, mouse and two power adapters (12VDC and 100-240VAC).  The choice of a netbook was based on a screen of sufficient size (10 inches) and low power consumption (about 1A).

The software suite includes:  MaxSea, Sea Clear II, Open CPN, NavMonPC, Visual Passage Planner, Snagit, Mapsource, Mobile PC, and more...  

Charts for marine navigation cover around the world (80N to 80S).  Maps for land navigation include the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

'How To Manuals are included for all of the software to assist in learning the programs.

Interested?  Contact me