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(REV 9 January 2021)   

On this page I will add items concerning navigation.  They will appear as my imagination, inspiration and time permit.  Subjects are welcome!



       Common COM ports for USB GPS  Download here

       Exploring the OpenCPN program   Download here

        Exploring OpenCPN program for Android     Download here

        Maximize the OpenCPN display   Download here   For computers with small screens such a netbooks, how to see more on the screen.

        Portable OpenCPN program   Download here     Instructions on creating a portable verssion of OpenCPN on a memory stick.       

        cm93 Offsets in OpenCPN     Download here    How to make cm93 display cells align with ground truth as shown by Google Earth.


                Create a KAP chart using GE2KAP and OpenCPN    Download my 'tutorial'  Create GE2KAP Overlay Rev12 Download here

                GE2KAP2SASP is a companion piece about using SAS Planet as the imagery source rather than Google Earth.  Download here.

Joint Typhoon Warning Center GE feature    An essential part of seamanship and safe navigation is to be aware of the weather conditions, especially when in an area threatened by a storm. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) provides warning of tropical systems in the Northwest Pacific, North Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific, and Southern Hemisphere.  A new feature to display forecast storm tracks on Google Earth Is described here.  (Updated 1 Jul 13)  A description of using this website is here.

Ocean Surface Currents       How to obtain and display

Weather & Ocean Surface Currents Information for Cruisers    Download here.    This compilation describes how to obtain such information while ashore with internet connection or underway with HF Radio email capability.

MaxSea Tips and Tricks   (retained as archived information for those still using this program)

            MaxSea CPA Display of AIS Targets

            Using Auto Center on MaxSea

            MaxSea on Windows 7

            MaxSea Recovery

            MaxSea Chart Detail

            Changing GPS Com Ports in MaxSea

            Active Route Navigation in MaxSea

            CONVERSION of MaxSea ROUTES AND TRACKS TO .gpx FORMAT using the  GPSUtility Program



    AIS (Automatic Identification System)  VALHALLA's experience with this navigational aid.

    An emergency compass  Using the 'selected stars' and more for finding direction at sea.

    Electronic charting   -   OOPS!  Beware of inaccurate charts!

    Image Logs  'Electronic' log keeping.

    The Accuracy Triangle   A means for precision chart plotting.

    Traditional navigation in the Caroline Islands  Navigation without modern instruments.

    Using GPS with Topographic Maps  When you use a landlubber's map.

    YotEeePC  My choice for a cruising computer.