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The display of CPA (Closest Point of Approach) for AIS targets on MaxSea (my version is is very useful, especially in target-rich conditions.

While crossing the Singapore Straits between Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Borneo it was necessary to cross the inbound lane then the outbound lane in the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS).

In the MaxSea program I selected the nearest incoming vessels to display their CPA. (Right click each vessel of interest and select 'CPA Warning On')  The representation is a line showing the position of our vessels at the CPA.  The vessel name is shown at one end of the line and the other end of the line is where my vessel will be.  As shown above, the vessel WHITE MIZU was projected to be very close if both vessels continued on their present course and speed.

I opted to change course to go well behind WHITE MIZU as shown below.  Interestingly, another vessel (unamed but displaying it's MMSI of 256680000) by this time had recently appeared on the display but not for sufficient time to obtain it's name.  The other incoming vessels were shown to be safely far enough away to be of no concern.  My intended track is shown by the dark red dotted line which put me between the TSS lanes.  This would give me time to assess the crossing of the outbound lane.

Shown in the image below is my track and planned route to cross the outbound lane.  The two vessels of concern (MIMOSA and CMA CGM CH) are shown to be of no concern ... one passing behind and one passing in front of me.