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Download my corrected charts

First download the GE2KAP program here.  The following is from the Help file in the program:

The following prerequisites are required to run GE2KAP

Also ..

Install the program to the directory of your choice.  Note the use of 'phiggins' as the password to extract the compressed program.

Create a folder where you will store the corrected charts.  I use the folder 'Charts' on the 'C:' drive.

Launch GE2KAP program. (Double click on GE2KAP.rex)      Type in the location of the folder you have created above, including the backslash.


Click on the '>>' button to navigate to the chart you want to correct, highlight (select) it then click on 'Open'.


The path to the chart is entered by the program  Click on 'Create Chart'.

  The program begins running and automatically generates a chart overlay on Google Earth.

WAIT for the program to stop processing until the following screen is displayed.

Adjust the Transparency slider to view the chart overlaid with the GE image.  'Grab' the green cross to shift the chart image and align with the GE image. Use the GE Navigation slider (View/Show Navigation/Always) to zoom in and out.

When the images are aligned click 'OK'.                                                    WAIT for the program to process the data and display the following screen.

Check the box 'Create Kap from overlay. Do not use Google Earth.'

Click on 'Create Chart'.                                                                    Click on 'Yes' to use the GE suggested datum


 Again WAIT for the processing to finish.  The corrected chart will now be in the C:/Charts folder (or whichever folder you are using).


1.  You can continue to correct additional charts from the above point but first uncheck the box 'Create Kap from overlay. Do not use Google Earth'.  Now use the '>>' button to select the next chart and continue as befoe.

2.  When the Google Earth window is first displayed you can select 'View/Historical Imagery'.  This places a slider on GE that allows previous imagery to be displayed.  In some cases this previous imagery is better than the current imagery.  Why?  Who knows besides Google???


An example is shown here.  Some clouds obscure the waterfront. 

Selecting an earlier image with the slider gives one with less cloud cover.  This can be used when comparing GE imagery with the chart

you are correcting.  Remember to select this feature in the beginning before you select the chart to be corrected.

3.  When you close the GE2KAP program you must also close the Google Earth program separately.

4.  On the 'Home' page for GE2KAP you have the opportunity to keep Paul's dog Whitey in some dog food.

A good way to thank Paul for his FREE PROGRAMS.