Changing GPS Com Ports in MaxSea        Back to Valhalla's Mooring Page

Windows XP

When a USB GPS (or COM to USB adapter) is connected to the computer, the computer assigns a com port number to that device.  Often it is not a convenient number and needs to be changed.  Here's how.  Go to Control Panel/System to display the following screen.  Click on the 'Hardware' tab.

On the next screen select 'Device Manager'      Here you see the adapter with COM20 assigned.


Right click on that line and select 'Properties'                         Click on the tab 'Port Settings'


Click on 'Advanced'                                          Click on the 'COM Port Number' elevator (notice it shows the currently assigned number)


Select the com port you want (COM1 in this case)     Click 'OK'


Your com port is now COM1 (or whichever one you selected).  IF the port is listed as '(in use)' and you have no other devices using that same port, select it anyway and at the following screen select 'Yes'.

For a 'video' tutorial on doing this GO HERE.

Note that this com port assignment is valid only for the USB port to which the GPS has been inserted.  If you want to make the GPS insertion independent of whichever USB port is used, repeat the above for the remaining USB ports (in which case you will get the notice shown above).

Windows 7  

For this operating system go to the 'Control Panel' and click on 'System and Security'

Now click on 'Device Manager' and continue as described above.