Using Auto Center on MaxSea                     Back to Valhalla's Mooring Page       

 You have been tracking your progress on MaxSea and you boat position goes off the screen as shown below:


To avoid this, use the auto-centering feature of MaxSea.


 Click on Display/Auto Center.

Click the ‘Manual’ button.

Now select the size of the auto-centering box.  There are three sizes. 

Next select the position of the box on the screen.  Positions available are Center, Upper Left, Upper Middle, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Center and Lower Right.  The one you select will be determined by the direction you are traveling, as explained below.


Click on ‘OK’ when selections are finished.

To Auto Center, select the small boat icon on the menu bar (or press F4)

Some examples:

NOTE: If you use the 'hand' cursor to move the display the box will disappear.  To activate again select the small boat icon on the upper left.


Alternatively, a selection is available to automatically display the chart based on your course:


Some examples are:




In each of these examples the program has automatically positioned the  box to display the best view of the area ahead of the course.


NOTE:  My boat really doesn’t do 99 kts … but the simulator in my GPS does!