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A 'planning route' is what you usually do ahead of time to select the waypoints and course to travel to your destination.  When underway, however, it is normally a case of needing to change your route based on how close you can steer to the desired course.  This calls for the use of 'active routing' which, essentially, gives you any course you desire based on your position.  For example, here a planning route has been displayed.

Once underway we now change the planning route to an active route.  Select 'Route' then 'Convert Planning Route to Active Route'


The display now shows the course to the next waypoint in the route.  Note that it is a direct line from your present position without regard to hazards.  A 'Steering Data' box is displayed giving the bearing to the next waypoint (222 deg) and also the bearing to the following waypoint (169 deg)


Once underway the 'Steering Data' continues to show the course to the next waypoint and the one following it.  In this case we have gone westward of the mark.  The 'Steering Data' tell us that we are 0.002 nm to the right of the desired course (162 deg). We change course to steer closer to the desired course.

NOTE: The boat speeds (SOG) shown in the following images ere are artificial .. done by simulation in the GPS.  Don't we wish they were real?

Now we are steering further to the east to intercept the desired course.

Now we have regained the desired course and will come to the west to maintain it.

Now we are following closely to the desired course.

Now we are approaching the next waypoint and it's limit of intersection as shown by the red circle..  Though slightly 'off course' our track is looking good. 

As we come within the limits of the waypoint the program switches automatically to the next waypoint (SUPF02).

We now change course to the bearing to the next waypoint, 149 deg.

Looking ahead on the route we decide the next waypoint is too close to land.  Select the tool as shown.

Left click on the waypoint to be moved and drag and drop it where desired.  In this case further to the west.  The 'Steering Data' changes accordingly for the new location of the waypoint (150 vs 149 deg).

The active route capability makes 'on the fly' course changes convenient.