Stinging saltwater  17 July 2005               Back to Valhalla's Adventures

While anchored near Tanjung Resang, Johor, Malaysia, Rose said there was something sticking her fingers from the saltwater pumped into the sink.

'Right ..', Terry said and reluctantly took a look.  Surprise! The bottom of the sink was covered with small translucent 'needles'!!!

Here's some that we collected in a glass:


These creatures, which we think are infant jellyfish, were busily moving up and down through the water with a 'helicopter' motion ... spinning around and moving with what appeared to be 'wings' on the top.


They would go to the surface then float back down, sometimes hovering and most of the time going back to the bottom for awhile then repeat the journey to the top of the water and back down again.




















The size (as shown here) ranged from 1 mm to about 6-7 mm.


The tentative conclusion is that these are baby jellyfish that, for the longer ones, have already developed the nematocyst covered tails.


Anybody have a better conclusion or information?


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