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On a recent trip (27NM) from Sebana Cove Marina to an anchorage near the causeway linking Johor Bahru with Singapore, Terry opened the fold-down table in the saloon to check that the wine bottles were secure.  He (THE DUMMY) failed to completely secure the hook which holds the table in it's folded position against the bulkhead.  This hook has done it's job for the past 27 1/2  years ... including heavy weather passages at sea.  This time, however, while taking the wake from a passing ferry there was a loud CRASH !!!

<<<<<<<<< The result!!!


Fortunately only one of the two mirror inserts in the table was broken.  The edge of the table suffered damage as the SS piano hinge twisted and the screws splintered and split the teak.










After removing the broken mirror and scraping off the glue, the splintered teak at the edge of the table was glued back in place using West System epoxy and left to cure overnight.










The piano hinge was broken beyond repair and discarded.  Two sturdy SS hinges were available in the onboard stores, which necessitated a bit of woodwork to provide clearance for the hinge pin, larger than the piano hinge.









If you look closely at the dimensions written on the table you will see what the mirror installers used to measure .... a tape marked in the smallest divisions of 1/8" hence the fractional dimensions of 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 ... eighths!  Now what grade is it in school where you learn to reduce fractions?









And the repair job was done ... except for finding a suitable insert for the one side of the table.  We think plastic laminate will be fine.



(OK you curious eagle eyes ... that blue case on top of the table holds Terry's antique banjo ukelele)