Terry's Septuagenerian Parties

From 15 April to 1 May 06 we traveled to the Philippines to celebrate Terry's 70th birthday.

The first week was spent in Cebu where Rose had a home visit and Terry went north on Cebu to visit friends Mike Allen and Bruce Broussard.

On Sunday, 23 April, we held a party at the Tubod Flowing Waters Resort on the southern side of Cebu City.



With a jeepney bus hired for transport, 32 of us enjoyed the day at the resort swimming, eating and drinking!


Here's the family and you can see from the lady in the white shirt (Rose's mother)

where Rose gets her good looks!








On Monday, 24 April, we took a ferry to Dumaguete City, Negros, then traveled by bus and motorcycle to Port Bonbonon and the home of Bruce Greschke and Rowena.


We were some of the first guests to stay at Bruce's guest house.

Over the next few days the preparations began for the party.  Then the big day (27 April) arrived and Rowena and Rose, with several helpers, swung into high gear.

Two pigs were put on the spit under the watchful eye of the local expert, Sitas, here enjoying a cold beer while his helpers feel the heat.


Two perfectly roasted pigs, lots of side dishes, and it was time to dig in.



  A candy toss for the kids, of all ages, brought smiles to their faces (and will do so to the dentist in the future).

On the left are our two habal-habal (motorcycle) drivers with a neighbor, Bruce wondering what he's let himself in for, and Terry and Maxine swinging it.


By the end of the party Terry declared it's great to be 70 and looking forward to 80!!