Rose's Birthday Party 2009 (2 Jan)     Back to Valhalla's Adventures

Since Rose needed to be back home to get her daughters settled in school on 5 January (her birthday) we held her birthday party early on 2 January.

Hosted by Bruce's partner, Rowena, it was another roaring success.


Two pigs were roasted on the spit.













Heaps of side dishes and tons of rice.

Over 100 guests enjoyed the party.


That's Rose's brother, Jun, in the striped shirt who came down for the party from Cebu.









We used the last of our Malaysian 'magic candles' which never fail to delight the crowd.

These clever 'lotus blossoms' shoot fireworks which light the candles then open up slowly while playing 'Happy Birthday'.  Unfortunately this one lost it's voice but we made up for it in style.










Dancing helped the digestion!