Optimist Dinghy Regatta (22 Feb 2004)          Back to Valhalla's Adventures

The Sutera Harbour International Team Having Energetic Alcoholic Dinghy Sailors was formed without any formal constitution and named without any sensitivity to good taste.

This was the announcement of the event.

With the dinghies available from the marina, we had five entrants.  Dennis (SOUTHERLY CHANGE), Fitz (COLUMBUS), Frans (ALBATROS), Param (LUO SHEN) and Terry (VALHALLA).  The committee boat was piloted by Ana (SOUTHERLY CHANGE) and crewed by Lisa (ALBATROS), Trish (COLUMBUS) and Rose (VALHALLA).

The course was  'L' shaped, with two marks kept to starboard, and 2.8 NM in length.

After weeks of 15+ knot winds the conditions that afternoon were a disappointing 3 gusting to 5 knots.

  The start.

    Fitz leads the fleet .. Terry second.

Terry took the lead before the first mark and relaxed the rest of the way.

A local power boat had fun coming close to us  ... splashed Fitz and Terry but capsized Param!  Though Param is an orthopedic surgeon here in KK we had no need of his services.

The skippers (Fitz, Param, Terry, Frans, Dennis); Committee Boat (Lisa and Ana; not shown Trish and Rose)

The marina manager, Richard Chong (on Terry's right), generously shouted beer for the group to finish the afternoon.  We continued the celebration at dockside and, unfortunately for the winner, there wasn't any leftover beer!

OK ... you know I like sunsets!

The Awards Committee is debating the venue for the Awards Banquet.