North Borneo Railroad  (31 Jan 2004)     Back to Valhalla's Adventures

An excursion from Kota Kinabalu to Papar, Malaysia, about 50 km to the north, is run by the Sutera Harbour Resort.  This popular ride is on a late1800's steam train engine and coaches.

Burning mangrove wood for fuel, the ride can get a bit smoky depending on the wind direction and train speed.

All aboard!

    Along the way north a stop is made at a Buddhist temple .. neat Buddhas!

Upon reaching the town of Papar, the engine is turned around on a trestle while the passengers are given a chance to visit the local market and shops.  We opted to watch the engine be turned around.


The return trip is highlighted by lunch served in traditional 'tiffin' boxes by the crew, who wear 'traditional British' gear.

An excellent wine to cap an enjoyable day.