Passage from Kota Kinabalu, MY to Port Bonbonon, Negros, PI (23 Sep - 3 Oct 2008)   Back to Valhalla's Adventures


  This was our overall route with two stops along the way.

  The total distance was 495 NM










23 Sep  Sutera Harbour Marina to Usukan Bay

We departed at 0724 and, after a boisterous sail (HOORAY!)

arrived at anchor at 1400, a distance of 35.4NM.

We anchored at the position shown.

The seas had been running at up to 3 meters with 15-18 kt winds.

These conditions were caused by a typhoon north of the Philippines.

We decided to spend a day here to let the conditions ameliorate.












25 Sep Usukan Bay to Kudat



We departed at first light, 0530, in anticipation of a long day.

Contrary to the previous leg we found little wind and motor sailed the entire 61.3 NM

arriving in the Kudat 'pond' at 1730.























Anchoring in the 'pond' requires taking a stern line ashore to limit swinging with wind and current shifts.


A convenient dinghy access to shore is provided by the Army unit (which patrols the coast looking for smugglers)

at their 'marshmellow' floating dock.








One of the main reasons for stopping in Kudat was to be here for the Formula One race in Singapore on 28 September ... the first race in Singapore and the first night race in F1 history.

Finding no viewing places at the Kudat Golf and Marina hotel near the harbor, and with no transportation available in the evenings, we checked into the Hotel Kinabalu in town and enjoyed the race that evening.

29 Sep - 3 Oct   Kudat to Port Bonbonon















29 Sep

Weighed anchor and departed Kudat Harbour at 1100.  Plagued again by light winds we motor sailed through the Bangii Straits.  In the afternoon we picked up some trash in the prop, reversed the engine twice and thought it had cleared since the vibration was gone (found out on arrival later it hadn't!).

30 Sep

One of the better days.  Actually got to SAIL for three hours in the morning!

The day's run (from departure time) was 93NM.

In the afternoon, were treated to an accompanying pod of dolphins for 20 minutes.

From the underway log:

1850  Jib and jigger, wind close ahead port side, seas calmed down.  What was that?  7-34.1N, 118-45.8E

'That' was an area of short, steep seas in our location that did not have an apparent direction of set or drift.

Our boat speed through the water was 5 kts but our speed over the ground was 2.5 kts.  And our course over the ground was 070 degrees but our course through the water was 120 degrees .. a 50 degree 'crab'.  The conditions cleared after about 20 minutes when both the seas and current returned to what had been the norm.  Is this an area of seismic disturbance?  Swirling currents from some underwater sea bed formation?  Hmmmmmmm....











1 Oct

A boring day of motor sailing  

The day's run was 101NM.

Had an hour of rain at 2030 which was followed by unusual conditions of short, steep, sloppy seas and wind from directly ahead (070 degrees) of 8-10 knots.  These conditions lasted through the night.

2 Oct

The seas abated at 0600.  Another boring day of motor sailing.

The day's run was 103NM.

The treat of the day was sunset ... always good to see when at sea.











3 Oct

Some rain before dawn helped clean the dried salt from the boat.  At 0600 the engine slowed momentarily ... shades of 4 years ago on this same passage!  Deja vu.  The fuel filter is getting clogged.  Shut down for 8 minutes to change the fuel filter and do maintenance checks.


We arrived at the entrance waypoint shown here at 1000.

We picked up our mooring in Port Bonbonon at 1030.

Total run for the day was 100NM.











As you can see from this screen capture the cm93 vector

charts in this area are considerably off.

The yellow line shows our track entering the bay.

The route that I used is shown with the waypoints.


This route, which can be opened with the Max Sea program, is here.

(To download Right-click and select 'Save as ..')