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8-22 July - Oahu

8 July

 The view of Diamond Head Crater as we approach Honolulu International Airport on Oahu.


 The Ala Wai Yacht Harbor adjacent to Waikiki.









  Our first Hawaiian rainbow ... a nice welcome.










9 July 



 Having a traditional 'plate lunch' in the Ala Moana park.  These were 'mini' lunches ... only one scoop of rice plus macaroni salad and huge portions of chicken, pork or whatever.







10 July


Hang gliders buzzed us at the lookout near Sea Life Park.











A windy view from the Pali Lookout.










Through Terry's Army  buddy, Col (Ret) Don Painter, we found 'The Gang' .. a group of local singers that Terry used to sing with beginning 25 years ago at the now defunct Tahitian Lanai bar at the Waikikian hotel.



  'The Gang' now sing on Thursday nights at the Wailana Coffee Shop in Waikiki.




 Accompaniment is by Ron, the blind musician who has been playing for the group for many years.


The evening begins with solos from the guests .. often with a hula.


You can visit    by clicking on the links below to hear:

 Terry singing his 'solo from the old days'  "The Last Farewell"

and, later in the evening::

 'The Gang' beginning the 'group singing' with "Honolulu City Lights".


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13 July

A climb to the top of the Diamond Head crater is well worth the effort!






















After the one and a half hour trip the reward is a Rainbow Shave Ice.


Here's a video from the top ... Diamond Head Crater.





14 July 


The Hawaii Maritime Center is home to the "Falls of Clyde" schooner, unfortunately closed for repairs and in terrible condition since Terry last saw her in the mid-80s.

Her fate is being decided ... possibly to be brought ashore at Barber's Point???









A view of Aloha Tower from the 'widow's walk' and a look at the 'Hawaiian Canoe' display case built by our good friend, Rob Rowley of the SV SILMARIL.









After the Maritime Center we had lunch at HOOTER'S .... it's everything reportedly 'stacked' up to be.







15 July     Germaine's Luau


We're smiling here because the rain stopped !!!









The show is very 'touristy' but still enjoyable.








Videos from the show:  Fire Dance 1     Fire Dance 2      Tahitian Hula


17 July

Grand daughter Michelle and partner Troy arrive and take a peek at the surfers at Diamond Head.









                                                                                    Then they get dragged to hear 'The Gang' singing.











Terry hams it up singing to Michelle.








18 July

Terry's 20th Anniversary of Departure From Hawaii Party, held at the La Mariana Sailing Club ...which was home to VALHALLA for eight years.

































Mahalo nui loa to all for the beautiful leis.





19 July


No trip to Oahu is complete without getting your feet wet at Waikiki Beach.








21 July

Lunch of 'pho' at the TO-CHAU Vietnamese restaurant is a MUST DO in Honolulu ... but the wait was 45 minutes to get in!  From Sand Island Park had a nice view of the Hawaii Superferry operating between Honolulu and Maui.  A sistership is under construction for service between Honolulu and the Big Island in the next few years.











Dinner that night with son Tim and grandson Jarred Ilia-Kaimana O'Kekai O'Kahalui .... unfortunately Mary was off-island on business.








22-29 July  The Big Island (Hawaii)

Volcano National Park

Our first two nights were at the Kilauea Military Camp.  The suites were very comfortable ... the welcoming bottle of champagne and the jacuzzi tub a nice surprise.











First stop was at the Kilauea Caldera was the Jaggar Museum.


Unfortunately the weather was foul and remained so until our departure day.







The view of the recently formed  Pu`u `O`o vent in the Halemaumau Crater on our first and last day

A live webcam view is here.








The Thurston Lava Tube was interesting.  A video is here.


Caught this shot of a pair of the endangered nene ... the Hawaii State Bird.










Here's the Holei Sea Arch on the south coast on our way to see the lava flowing into the sea from the most recent eruption.



This is as close as you can get to the flow at Halema`uma`u


Our video is here.

And a live webcam is here.







We drove around the south side of the island to the city of Kailua-Kona to visit friends Terry had previously met while cruising the Pacific.

Some scenes along the way:

 The windy coast with vog (volcanic fog) in the background.


 Marker at South Point, the southernmost point of the United States.









We stayed at the lovely home of Phyllis Long (SY EROS).










A 'Guam Pary' reunited us with former cruising friends and introduced us to some new ones as well.












On the way from Kailua-Kona to Hilo we stopped at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy at the 9,000-foot level on Mauna Kea.



Clear but cold.  Going to the top requires a 4WD vehicle.







 In Hilo we stayed at the very comfortable Old Hawaiian BnB.










Nearby to the Old Hawaiian BnB are the Rainbow Falls.

See a video of Rainbow Falls here.

   And within walking distance are the Boiling Pots.


A drive up and down the Hamakua coast began in the rain but cleared as we approached the northern tip of the island.

First stop was Akaka Falls.  See the video  here.

The walk to and from the falls is good exercise .. especially after the 'supersize' meals in Hawaii!









But the flowers along the way are quite beautiful










Waipio Valley

A view into the valley from the lookout.

We took the Waipio Shuttle into the valley ... another '4WD required' road.










 A view of what the tour guide calls 'nature's logo' of the valley ... W V.

The placid Waipio River .. in the dry season!










Leaving the valley.  A video of driving out the steep road is here.








30-31 July The trip back home ... Honolulu-Majuro-Guam-Kota Kinabalu

Using up some frequent flyer mileage we upgraded our return flights to Business class ... mo bettah, bra!

Waiting at the Continental President's Club in Honolulu.

A transit stop at Majuro, Marshall Islands.

This was also Terry's first stop 20 years ago!

Our flight was 4 hr 50 minutes ...

Terry's passage took 18 days 7 hours .. HMMMM.







On Guam we stayed at the lovely home of friends, Rick and Irene Cherry at Pago Bay.



















Signtseeing on a cloudy day ....

Tumon Bay

Agana Boat Harbor









A special treat was having lunch with former cruising friends Kurt and Christine Schroeder.

After circumnavigating in SV WHITE CAP they have 'swallowed the anchor' and are building

a home on the island of Rota, Northern Mariana Islands, about 40 NM northeast of Guam.







31 July   Guam to Manila

As with everywhere we went on this trip Rose was pleased to find Filipinas to talk with.

Here are two of the workers at the Presidents Club on Guam.








1 August   Manila to Kota Kinabalu

After an overnight stay in Manila at the Airport Hotel (not fancy but convenient) we were driven to Clark then a late afternoon flight on 1 Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu and HOME !!!