Malaysia East Coast Cruise 2005 (6 June - 30 September)        Back to Valhalla's Adventures


Our fifteen week cruise up and down the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is shown here.

We had some great sails and some miserable ones.  We covered 924 NM during the cruise.

Eight 'Sumatrans' gave us some thrills and chills but we feel fortunate to have encountered that many with no lightning strikes (as other yachts have experienced in these waters) and only the loss of one dinghy oar and seat.


The number of turtles you see in these waters is heartening.  The diving, especially at Pulau Tenggol, was excellent.  The snorkeling was also excellent.


Previous yachts have reported an abundance of government installed moorings.  The 'orange balls' were only found at Pulau Aur and then a resort (Bluewater Holidays) attempted to get RM25 per night usage fee from another yacht sailing with us there.  Otherwise we found moorings that were used by fishing boats on a 'first come first served' basis with no problems.

Was it worth it?  YES!!!

Passages and stops along the way are linked below.  There are links from each page to the next shown as NEXT>>>>>


The routes for this cruise are included in the collection of MaxSea routes that can be downloaded from here.






6-9 June                                        Passage Sebana Cove Marina, Johor Bahru, to Tioman Island

10 June - 17 July                           Around and about the Tioman Islands

18-19 July                                      Passage Blair Harbor to Kuantan

20-29 July                                      At Kuantan

30 July                                           Passage Kuantan River to Chukai, Kemaman River

31 July - 1 August                          At Chukai

2 August                                        Passage Chukai, Kemaman River to Pulau Tenggol

3-8 August                                     At Pulau Tenggol

9 August                                        Passage Pulau Tenggol to Pulau Kapas

10 August                                      At Pulau Kapas

11 August                                      Passage Pulau Kapas to Kuala Terengganu

12-16 August                                 At Terengganu

17 August                                      Passage Terengganu to Pualu Redang

18-19 August                                 At Pulau Redang

20 August                                      Passage Pualu Redang to Perhentian Islands

21-31 August                                 At the Perhentian Islands

1-2 September                               Passage Perhentian Islands to Terengganu

3-10 September                             At Terengganu

11-14 September                           Passage Terengganu to Kuantan

17-18 September                           Passage Kuantan to Tioman

23-24 September                           Passage Tioman to Pulau Aur

25 September                                Passage Pulau Aur to Jurara Bay, Pulau Tioman

29-30 September                           Passage Juara Bay, Pulau Tioman to Sebana Cove Marina, Johor Bahru