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SELMA STAR is a Beneteau 36.7 First owned by Jesus 'Jun' Avecilla, prominent Filipino businessman.  Photos are here. Participating for the fourth year in a row in the Borneo International Yachting Challenge, it was the defending champion having won this event the three previous years.  This year was not an exception as it scored five wins in five races (two offshore passage races and three inshore races).  Terry delivered the boat to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia for the start of the regatta, sailed the passage races as navigator and delivered the boat back to Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines.  The following is extracted from his delivery report.




    A.  SUBIC BAY, LUZON, PHILIPPINES TO MIRI, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA  This leg was characterized by rain and light winds (10kts or less) ‘on the nose’ which required motor-sailing.  Had periods of calm throughout interrupted by squalls with winds in excess of 25kts.  Underestimation of fuel consumption required a fuel stop in Labuan.


        (1) SUBIC BAY TO LABUAN, MALAYSIA:  Departed Subic Bay Yacht Club at 1350 (10 July).  Encountered light rain and light sw’ly winds.  Evening squall of 15-17 kts handled without reefing.  Second day (11 July) had an early morning squall of 18 kts.  Rain continued throughout the day with light following winds.  Bent a ‘drifter’ (MPS sail from VALHALLA) in the morning.  Handed this sail in the evening when rain and increasing wind arrived.  Rain and squalls in the evening.  Set 2nd reef in main for squall of 23 kts.  Third day (12 July) rain and squalls continued until morning then calm until 1400.  Evening squall of 20 kts and rain throughout the night.  Fourth day (13 July) had periods of light rain and calm.  Discussed fuel situation with Junior since it was running low.  Changed course for a fuel stop in Labuan at 1130.  Fifth day (14 July) began with a starry night and clearing conditions until light rain at mid-day when wind came up to 10 kts on the beam.  While bending the jib, went over a small log (< 1 foot diameter) with no apparent damage to prop or rudder. (Later confirmed by diving when in Labuan).  We actually sailed for 30 minutes!  On sixth day (15 July) had early morning squall of 25+ kts.  Entered Labuan Marina at 1013.  Distance = 644.5 NM; Avg Speed = 5.5 kts). 


        (2) LABUAN, MALAYSIA TO MIRI, SARAWAY, MALAYSIA:  Departed at 1330 (17 July) in light winds motor-sailing.  Afternoon squall of 22 kts.  Light occasional rain at night.  Second day (18 July) had light wind and occasional light rain.  Entered Miri Marina at 1120.  Distance = 104.4 NM; Avg Speed = 4.7 kts.


B.      KOTA KINABALU, BORNEO, MALAYSIA TO SUBIC BAY, LUZON, PHILIPPINES.   This leg (after aborted leg the previous day) was characterized by initial light winds on port quarter with accompanying seas having sets of up to 1.5 m.  Winds continued to increase throughout the leg.  Numerous squalls included one with winds of 30 kts.  Wind became fair on the fourth day (6 Aug) with wind shifting to ESE.  The fifth day (7 Aug) saw repeated squalls, moderate (2 m) seas and winds of 25 kts beginning at midnight and continuing through rest of the passage to Subic Bay.


Departed Sutera Harbour, KK, at 1000 (2 Aug).  After 2 ½ hrs discovered loss of fresh water which required return to harbor for repair.  Found and repaired disconnected hose at hot water heater.  Heavy rain suggested departure the next day.  Departed again (still in heavy rain) 0710 (3 Aug) with no wind and ½ m seas.  Late afternoon squall of 25 kts.  Occasional rain through the night.  Second day (4 Aug) had light winds in the morning and a mid-day squall line of 24 kts.  Carried storm jib and double reefed main.  During this squall the depth alarm began sounding while in deep water.  Evening squall of 30 kts; set third reef in main. This was followed within the hour by another squall of 25 kts.  Light rain persisted throughout the rest of the night.  Third day (5 Aug) began with light rain and wind on starboard beam.  Rain eased at daylight.  Bent drifter at 0700 and carried until 1130.  Heavy rain (tropical downpour for 2 hours) began at noon giving limited visibility conditions of 100 meters (navigation lights required).  By late afternoon conditions deteriorated with surrounding black sky to horizon but no increased wind (typical of prelude to tropical depression conditions).  Discussed storm tactics with crew (heaving to) and options for shelter with Junior.  Concluded that sheltering at El Nido or Busuanga  (closest ports 100NM away) was not practical and decided to carry on.   Conversely, the conditions began improving and cleared by nightfall bringing starry skies.  Fourth day (6 Aug) morning had squalls around the horizon with occasional light rain.  Winds 15 kts astern gave a bumpy ride in sets of 1 meter seas.  (One fresh water tank empty in morning; 4 crew, 3 days.)  Wind died by late morning to 4-5 kts astern.  At late afternoon the wind shifted to ESE at 8-10 kts and continued into the evening.  The fifth day (7 Aug) brought squalls beginning at 0100 with winds of 20-25 kts astern and veering to starboard quarter.  Squalls and rain continued through rest of leg until berthed at Subic Bay Yacht Club at 0720.  Distance = 585 NM, Avg speed = 6.1 kts.


“Screen Shots”  A series of ‘screen shots’ (images of the navigation screen) during the delivery legs and the BIYC 2010 passage races can be downloaded in compressed (.zip) format from here.


Video from the BIYC racing is here.