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Terry began taking ultralight flying lessons at the Angeles City Flying Club (ACFC) the end of June 2011.  Here's his first flight with the club's president, Terry Hockehull.  This plane, the RANS S-12 was used for the introductory lesson but Terry opted to begin with a more basic plane, the Quicksilver MXL II, which is a bit more like a 'motorcycle in the sky'.


There is a saying among pilots that 'The second best thrill is flying ... the first is landing'.  After a few lessons Terry had the experience of an 'off-field landing' when, on final approach, the engine failed.  On 18 August he had the foresight to let the instructor, Max "Boy' Guerrero, land in a field near the runway.


No damage to the plane which got recovered by the club maintenance crew.


This incident required the installation of a new engine which took longer than expected of course.  And then the typhoons began rolling across the Philippines but on days suitable for flying Terry managed some flights in another similar plane belonging to a club member.  Club rules don't allow a student to solo in other than a club plane so, finally after the club plane was repaired (with a larger engine!), Terry was able to do his first solo flights.

18 October .. two months after that useful landing experience, was the day to become a 'Master of the Joystick'.

Following six photos courtesy of Jenny Masong, Student Pilot and ACFC Guest Relations Officer (With Terry's comments overlaid).




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